God has placed it on our hearts to offer local churches an evening of worship.  We call it... "The Sanctuary", which signifies "a sacred, holy, consecrated place; a place of refuge and protection."

The Sanctuary is approximately one hour of worship in an intimate atmosphere where folks have the opportunity to experience God afresh in their hearts.


For many years we held The Sanctuary service quarterly at our home church, which was always extremely well received and appreciated.  The lights are dimmed a bit with some candles lit along the windows.  Nothing too loud or upbeat, just a time of intimate acoustic worship with scripture readings, prayer, and communion is served, if desired.


Folks are just hungry for closeness with God and He has opened doors for us to bring this worship experience to other churches.  In our busy lives it's easy to overlook the need to just spend time in worship, yet it's the very thing we were created to do, not only in our everyday lives and actions, but also in corporate adoration in song and prayer.


Please prayerfully consider hosting The Sanctuary service at your church on a Sunday evening.  We will supply promotional materials and the setup of sound and video equipment, at no cost to your church.  If you so choose to bless our ministry with a donation, that is fine but not required.  We would love to talk to you about this opportunity and how it can be a blessing to your church family.